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Kid Safe YouTube & Internet Browsing

With millions of videos on YouTube, its not feasible to stop your child from going on YouTube, but it also is dangerous to let YouTube's algorithms suggest a constant stream of inappropriate and adult themed videos. Letting your child watch YouTube or surf the Internet should not be a gamble between entertainment and nightmare inducing videos or other content. allows you to let your child watch YouTube channels that only you approve, while filtering out all the clickbait, adult videos, etc.
We also provide a Windows app that ensures your child will not make it back to YouTube , filters adult content, and enforces internet browsing time. The Windows app only allows websites of your choosing to be connected to on your child's computer. Take control of what your child is consuming with

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How it Works

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    You create an account with

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    Child Info

    You select your child's interests and YouTube channels

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    Web Browser

    Optionally download the Windows app

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    Relax and let only allow websites you've approved

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    Check Smarty.Video Settings

    You can add/remove YouTube channels or websites, etc at any time

Protect Your Child Automatically Blocks Adult Content

The internet is filled with alot of great things and alot of really inappropriate content for children. As parents, we know that kids on the internet are literally a few words away from life altering inappropriate content at any moment. allows you to relax & let your child watch only videos from YouTube channels that you approve ! Our Windows redirects YouTube back to so you can be sure your kid is safe from YouTube's algorithm generated playlist which can contain almost anything.

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Take Control Of Your Child's Internet Experience

Set Time Limits on YouTube & Websites

Tired of your child spending 3 hours watching cartoons on YouTube ? Yea, we were too. Set time limits of specific channels or websites with without having to constantly police your child's internet usage. With , you can even insert videos from educational YouTube channels in 2 clicks.

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YouTube On Your Terms

No More Recommended YouTube videos

Take Control

Internet On Your Terms

Control which YouTube channels your child watches in 1 click. Set limits for videos and websites easily. You shouldnt have to worry about what your child is watching on the internet when you are not there

YouTube Locked Down

No More Recommended YouTube videos

Your Internet

Take Control Of YouTube

Your Internet

Take Control Of YouTube

We’ve blocked more than


Videos. Take Control Of YouTube

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Our Plans

Take control of your child's internet browsing without wondering what they are looking at , or being upset they are on a specific site for to long. You finally have a tool to control what your child is seeing.

Gold plan

Guide and control what your child is viewing on the internet and YouTube. You also help support to become even better

9.99 / month

  • Curated YouTube Videos on
  • Windows Internet filtering app
  • Automatically Blocked Adult content/websites
  • No Ads
  • Allow only specific websites on any Windows computer
  • Phone Support
  • Email Support
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Diamond plan

Help your child learn by inserting educational videos after they're videos watching hits some threshold you set. Set limits to prevent overuse and more.

15.99 / month

  • All of the Gold plan features !
  • Force educational videos for every X videos watched
  • Set time limits on specific YouTube channels
  • Set time limits on specific websites (gaming,etc)
  • Internet Timeouts (no internet before/after some set time)
  • Phone & Email Support
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Check out our blog to get tips on how to keep your kid safe on the internet and maximize their potential on the internet.

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